Run United 2020: Virtual Marathon


Today through October 18th I’m participating in the Run United Virtual Marathon (find my donation page here) as a member of Team Jeep. When I started my new job at FCA (Chrysler) in June, one of the first things I did was look into the company’s running club. This virtual marathon is my first chance to participate as a part of the team while also helping to raise money for the United Way. The purpose of the event is to help close the “Digital Divide” for students in southeast Michigan. The pandemic has forced many kids into a virtual learning environment yet they may not have computers or internet access. As if the pandemic isn’t making education challenging enough, I can’t imagine how kids can keep up with their schoolwork without having access to the technology they need. The United Way wants to help these students by providing them with the proper resources to keep their education on track. 

I’m not in any shape for a fall marathon as I cautiously increase my mileage following an injury that popped up in April. I did a couple of virtual races in March prior to being injured but have chosen to avoid signing up for anything else. I’m trying to concentrate on building a base while making sure my tendon doesn’t flare up again. However, this event seemed perfect. I can easily cover a total of 26.2 miles (hopefully several times!) during the next month and help kids in need while doing so. Plus, I’m excited to be a part of a team that is so enthusiastic about participating. Over 300 people are logging miles for Team Jeep!

I don’t feel comfortable asking for money, especially during a time that is so challenging for so many people. I was kind of wary about signing up for a fundraiser but we were told not to get stressed about that part. I figure even if I’m only able to raise a small amount it will help more than if I didn’t do anything at all. As little as $10 can help match students with tutors and $25 can help provide a student with internet access. If anyone feels inclined to give ANY amount, here is a link to my page:‬

Hopefully we can play a role in assisting kids who need help. I’d be really grateful to anyone who has the means to contribute anything!

– Janet

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