My first blog post

Welcome to my blog! I’ve thought about creating a blog for a while now, but hesitated because I wasn’t sure I really wanted to put myself out there, wondered who would bother reading it, and wondered how I’d have time when I never seem to have enough to do other things as it is. After completing my first triathlon, runner/Twitter friend Alexis (see her blog Get2Fit2Quit) said I ought to start blogging to share my training and experiences. That made me start thinking about it even more. I realized that as I begin training for my first marathon and venture into the world of triathlons, it’s probably the perfect time to start.

October 20th will be the date of my first marathon!

October 20th will be the date of my first marathon!

I know that I enjoy reading blogs that discuss training and race experiences, so hopefully at least a handful of people will find mine to be interesting as well. I have two short triathlons under my belt now and plan to write posts about both of those races soon.

After my first triathlon.

After my first triathlon.

Since this is about all I’ve got for now, feel free to check out my list of past races and/or the “about me” section that explains the beginnings of my running/racing career.

– Janet


2 thoughts on “My first blog post

  1. Yay!!! Also, you’re rocking that tri outfit. I still dread wearing mine at a race!

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